To the Crazy Person Living Inside My 3-Year-Old

Dear Crazy Person Living Inside My 3-Year-Old,

I’m sorry I pushed the garage door button. I forgot that you go absolutely bonkers when deprived of the opportunity to push any sort of button. I was in a hurry, and I wasn’t thinking. My bad.

I’m also sorry for turning off the TV in the middle of a riveting “Wiggles” episode. I get it — I wouldn’t want my TV-watching sessions ended early, either. But come on: Do you have to behave like I’ve just killed Dora the Explorer or something? Take a breath. It’s going to be OK.

While we’re talking tantrums, I think you should give yourself a break on the basketball court. You’re only 35 inches tall. It’s OK to miss a shot. (And if you want to grow, eat your broccoli.)

I love you no matter what, Crazy Person Living Inside my 3-Year-Old, but you’re starting to make me feel like the crazy one.



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