Valentine’s Day Craft Project: DIY Pop-Up Card!

When it comes to sending the perfect Valentine to relatives, forget the store-bought cards this year and make your own! This easy DIY pop-up card will both wow and woo your loved ones. Read on for the simple how-to:

What you’ll need: 

Card stock paper

Red colored construction paper



Glue (and tape, for reinforcement, if needed)

Pens, markers, crayons for decorating heart (optional)

Step One: Cut Out a Heart

Using your red paper, cut a large heart for your child to hold in the photo. Make it big!

Step Two: Snap a Pic!

Take a picture (and print it) of your child holding the heart out in front of their bodies. Note: It doesn’t matter what the background is since you’ll be cutting your child’s body from the picture anyway.

Step Three: Trace a Cardboard Silhouette

Trace your child’s silhouette onto a piece of cardboard then cut the cardboard so you’ll be able to glue your picture on top. This will provide a sturdy back for your pop-out person.

Step Four: Glue Your Photo Onto the Cardboard, then Add a “Spring” 

Glue your photo onto the cardboard, then fold up a strip of cardboard as shown, to provide an accordion-shaped “spring” that will pop your photo out from the background.

Attach Your Pop-Out to a Background

Attach your pop-up to a blank piece of paper, or print out a scenic picture (like we did) to use as a background. Unless you’re using heavy-duty glue, you may need to tape down the cardboard to secure it to the background page.

Write a Note Onto Your Heart

Step Five: Send and/or display!

Your card is ready to send! If you’re going to send it via mail, you’ll need to send it in a box so the pop-up element isn’t squished shut. Otherwise, this card makes a great in-person gift!

Bonus Step! Decorate Your Heart!

Let your child decorate the heart cutout (the one you used for the photo) with handprints, glitter, etc. for an easy second Valentine (or simple art project).

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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