About Me

Melissa Heckscher is a freelance writer and mother of three living in Los Angeles. She is the author of 10 books, including “The Pregnancy Test” (Quirk Books, 2011), “BE HAPPY THAT… This Book Isn’t Coated in Poison” (Random House, 2009), and “DIS-MISSALS: Do-It-Yourself Rejection Letters for Any Occasion” (Random House, 2008). She currently works as a freelance writer for the Tinybeans (formerly Red Tricycle), an online guide for families, as well as writing occasional stories for the Southern California Newspaper Group, a group of SoCal papers that includes the Beach Reporter, the Daily Breeze, and the Orange County Register.

She began her career long, long ago as an editorial assistant at the Times Picayune in New Orleans and went on to work as a staff writer for The Monterey County Herald, AOL’s Digital City, and New York 1 News. She has also written for Maxim Magazine Online, LA.com, The New York Sun, and the Associated Press.

When she’s not taking care of her kids or writing, she’s probably trying to sleep.

See my RESUME here!

See some of my PUBLISHED WORK here!

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